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Product Blog: Introducing New CommercialTribe Features

Posted by Gavin Matthews
5/15/17 10:55 AM


Working closely with customers to drive improvements and enhancements has been an insightful process for our team. With more than 20,000 sales professionals depending on us, we’ve learned a lot about how you work. Every interaction we’ve had with you has informed the way we think about our product development, design philosophy, and our future roadmaps.


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Are You Asking your Sales Managers to Be Sherpas?

Posted by Jonathan Palay
5/2/17 5:00 AM

(This is an updated version of a blog intially published in 2016)

For decades, sales leaders have compared reaching plan to the act of summiting a mountain.  Each year is a long journey, requiring preparation, hard work, discipline, and teamwork to reach goal, just as is required to summit Mount Everest. There are just under 1000 attempts to summit Everest each year and only 50% actually succeed. And just like climbing Everest, far too many Sales Managers don’t reach the summit. 


The biggest reason summiting Everest is such a feat is the lack of oxygen on the world’s highest peak.  The human body simply does not function well at high altitude. But success rates have improved significantly from 24% in 2000 and the teens back in the 90s.  Why? Today, 97% of climbers use supplemental oxygen, with advances in cylinder and mask technology the primary explanation for the increased summit success rate.  So who are the remaining 3% of superhuman climbers who don’t use or need supplemental oxygen? They are the Nepalese Sherpas, world-renowned for extreme levels of high-altitude fitness.



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Three Revelations on the Journey to Manager Effectiveness

Posted by Jonathan Palay
4/17/17 10:20 AM

Do you believe that the effectiveness of your frontline managers is the key to taking your sales organization’s performance to the next level? More and more, companies are coming to this conclusion. I’m not going to bore you with the data from the recent CSO Insights report:
Sales Managers Overwhelmed and Underwhelmed (which you should go read). It makes intuitive sense. The “force multiplier” effect is a common way you will hear it described. We can invest in developing the seller or we can develop the manager who is ultimately responsible for developing their 6-8 sellers, and without whom any investment in the seller gets shall we say…leaky. When we realize that value from our investment in the seller is leaking out if not reinforced by the manager, we also realize that that force multiplication can work positively…or negatively.

The economics for developing the manager are compelling and if we do nothing, things may actually get worse. Sounds like a problem worth solving!


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Unlocking a Sales Professional’s Potential by Improving Frontline Sales Manager Effectiveness– Part 2

Posted by Paul Ironside
3/13/17 5:00 AM


Developing Frontline Managers: Coaches Need Coaching Too


In Part 1 of this “reflection,” I was trying to better understand the pain points of a dissatisfied customer, and I realized that our initial solution — a video practice platform designed to get sellers to watch an “example” of what good looks like, practice, and then submit their “take” for feedback, coaching and certification was too narrow, episodic, and out of seller and manager workflow.



I revealed a narrative around this customer's Rep A, who after 15-months in the role had plateaued in his development and settled into being a very average middle to low performer, and Frontline Sales Manager A who needed to coach the seller but simply couldn’t find the time and didn’t know where to begin.




Get past "no" and move closer to the sale

Posted by Sharmini Berwick
3/9/17 5:30 AM


No one likes hearing the word “no.” For many people, the word evokes such a visceral reaction that it often affects drive and performance. Salespeople face rejection everyday, and giving up isn’t an option. In fact, it can provide an incredible opportunity to turn the “no” into a yes—if you know how.



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Unlocking a Sales Professional’s Potential by Improving Frontline Sales Manager Effectiveness – Part 1

Posted by Paul Ironside
3/6/17 12:01 AM

Moving Beyond Rep Development: Learning as We Go


“Joel is definitely not renewing this relationship” was a recent note I received from a key contact at...ahem...a customer who is now tagged in our customer success application as “Severe Risk”.  I’ve been the CEO of CommercialTribe since we founded the company three years ago.  And while today we’re fortunate to call some of the world’s most progressive companies customers, the below note is not necessarily focused on our successes, rather in what we’re learning from our failures.  


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CommercialTribe: Transforming The Sales Tech Landscape

Posted by Sharmini Berwick
3/3/17 12:09 PM



Topics: Sales Enablement, Marketing, Company News, Development, CommercialTribe, sales coaching

The 2017 Startup Sales Stack Report

Posted by Sharmini Berwick
2/26/17 8:00 AM



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4 Quick Fixes to Make Sure your Sales Kickoff Provides Enduring Impact

Posted by Sarah McDonald
1/26/17 6:00 AM



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CB Insights Includes CommercialTribe in The Periodic Table of HR Tech

Posted by Sharmini Berwick
1/6/17 11:29 AM


CB Insights recently profiled a Periodic table of HR Tech Companies – broadly defined to include software in workforce management, payroll, benefits administration, employee development, and recruiting and staffing – and investors that are redefining how employers recruit and retain employees.

CommercialTribe was one of the companies included in the Career Development space which is testament to our continued success and growth.


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