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Jonathan Palay

Jonathan Palay is Co-Founder and VP Sales at CommercialTribe.
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Three High-Impact Sessions from Forrester’s 2015 Forum for Sales Enablement

Posted by Jonathan Palay
3/5/15 11:34 AM

Peter O’Neill, Forrester’s VP Research Director, stood on stage to put a wrap on the 2015 Forrester Forum for Sales Enablement Professionals, hosted March 2-3 in Scottsdale, AZ.  Over the last 48 hours, sales and marketing leaders had come together to try and make sense of a field that’s changing more rapidly than ever before.

Via Thomas Tonkin 


Topics: Sales Enablement, Upskilling

Why the 2014 Dreamforce Expo is the Modern Roman Forum

Posted by Jonathan Palay
10/20/14 2:39 AM

CommercialTribe Visits Dreamforce 2014

The Giants may have been in the NLCS last week, but you would have hardly realized it because their supporters were severely dwarfed by Benioff’s Army, which occupied the entire city of San Francisco. This year’s Dreamforce had a little something different for each of the 130,000 people, with keynotes, product introductions, sessions, parties, and a even a wild Beach Boys sighting.


Topics: Message Adoption, Sales Leadership

Is Your Sales Team Practicing 6.5 Times? Build a Sales Practice Environment

Posted by Jonathan Palay
10/1/14 11:21 AM

Rehearsing makes sales conversations far more effective, yet few sales reps ever get the chance to do it. Here’s how to use the latest principles in social learning technology to make them want to learn.


Topics: Sales Enablement, Message Adoption, Sales Leadership

Sales 2.0 Las Vegas Takeaways: Three Age-old Problems That We Need to Solve

Posted by Jonathan Palay
9/22/14 4:24 AM

Sales is changing - fast. At the Sales 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, sales and marketing leaders talked about how sales is changing at a faster pace and intensity than we’ve ever witnessed before.


Topics: Message Adoption, Sales Leadership

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