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Slay Huff

Slay Huff is CommercialTribe's Business Development Manager. He previously worked as Contracts Administrator at Northrop Grumman and attended Auburn University.
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3 Ways That Graduation Looks Like Sales Training

Posted by Slay Huff
5/22/15 12:29 PM

First and foremost, congratulations to all May graduates.  By the time you put on your cap and gown, the work has been completed, which, in my opinion, makes the actual ceremony a great time for reflection.


Topics: Onboarding, Sales Leadership

A Day in the Life of Your Sales Reps

Posted by Slay Huff
4/14/15 9:40 AM

Get a perspective on a day in the life of your sales rep team with Slay Huff.

Slay is CommercialTribe's Business Development Manager, helping to drive the team's scheduled visits and front-line sales strategy. CommercialTribe's Business Development team is designed like a Sales Development or "scheduling" team, a vital role in ensuring that the right messaging and insights reach a prospect and that the team articulates value. Slay has worked with CommercialTribe for a year, the first member of a rapidly growing sales team. You can connect with Slay on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Topics: Sales Leadership, Upskilling

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