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Think Your Sales Kickoff Was Successful? Prove It.

Posted by Gavin Matthews on 11/7/14 11:57 AM

You’re planning your next Sales Kickoff, which requires a herculean amount of time and effort. Besides ensuring everyone has a good time, what are you looking to get out of it? Whether the goal is to introduce new concepts, energize the team, or share tribal knowledge, you have a host of metrics that get you to the result.



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But how do we track and progress before, during, and after an event? How do you quantify the success of last year's effort? Grade each step to find out how effective your last Sales Kickoff was, and to learn what to improve this year. The higher the score, the more successful your event.

Scale:   1 – Not Very Effective                        10 – Very Effective

  1. Engagement – ___
    How much were reps and managers talking about the event? Create a hashtag on Twitter and encourage a running dialogue. Count Tweets shared, internal messages sent, or any other data that shows engagement. Before the event, this can be a clear sign of engagement. After the event, it shows what worked, and what didn’t.

  2. Attendance - ___
    Who showed up and who didn’t? That includes not only reps, but also managers, support staff, and top executives.

  3. Activity Completion - ___
    Did reps attend the breakout sessions? What percentage of reps completed and attended everything that they were supposed to?

  4. Training Stickiness – ___
    Sales training stickiness is a measure of how much learning “sticks” to a rep after the event. A simple survey post-event can help you gauge what stuck. Did your reps take home the concepts you wanted? 

  5. Cost per Rep – ___
    Sales Kickoff is expensive because it typically requires getting the whole team in one place. Are you getting the right bang for your buck? Break down the cost of the event per rep and monitor year over year. If the cost is trending up, and the results are dubious, then the event needs to be redeveloped.

   Score: __/50

What was your score? Share the results and your thoughts in the comments!

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Gavin Matthews is a CommercialTribe Product Owner and Director of Enterprise Integration. Previously, he worked in sales and marketing across leading startups, including Tidal Labs and Genius. Gavin is an avid fan of Colorado and can most often be found in the mountains.

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