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Get past "no" and move closer to the sale

Posted by Sharmini Berwick
3/9/17 5:30 AM


No one likes hearing the word “no.” For many people, the word evokes such a visceral reaction that it often affects drive and performance. Salespeople face rejection everyday, and giving up isn’t an option. In fact, it can provide an incredible opportunity to turn the “no” into a yes—if you know how.



Topics: sales coaching, sales improvement, sales effectiveness

Unleashing Energy: 3 Steps to Improving Middle Sales Performers

Posted by Sharmini Berwick
8/23/16 4:21 PM


The buzz continues these days around salespeople who are swimming in the middle of the bell curve—that complex group otherwise known as middle sales performers. Do a search and you can find lots of information about how to identify middle performers, how they stack up compared to others (the 20/60/20 rule), and the impact they have on business.


Topics: Sales Enablement, Sales Leadership, sales coaching, moving the middle, sales improvement, video practice, spotlight

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